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sweetvalley_u's Journal

Sweet Valley University RPG
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Welcome! This is my new Sweet Valley University RPG. I didn't see any RPG's for SVU so I decided to make one.


Kelly oracles_eyes; liz_wkfld

Jen starsprite22; denise_waters


This game will take place during the twins' junior year of college--after Elizabeth returns from London. That way, anything goes, because the books never got that far and there aren't too many specific things to follow. The basic plot will be how Elizabeth, Jessica, and their friends adjust to Elizabeth's return and the life that she returns to.

Taken Characters:

Elizabeth Wakefield liz_wkfld
Jessica Wakefield jess_wkfld
Alexandra Rollins svu_alex
Lila Fowler lila_f
Denise Waters denise_waters
Chloe Murphy chloe_murphy
Moira Pierce moira_pierce
Isabella Ricci svu_isabella
Todd Wilkins toddwilkins
Aaron Dallas aaron_dallas
Sam Burgess super_sam_b
Ken Matthews kenqbsvu
Val Berger val_berger
Bruce Patman bruce_svu

Available Characters:

Neil Martin
Tyler Russell
Tom Watts
Dana Upshaw
Winston Egbert
Nina Harper

(Other characters can be added as well. If you have a particular character you want to play who is not listed here, email me and we can work it in.)

To Apply For a Character:

Please email me at "oracles_eyes@livejournal.com" and include the following:

*Subject line: "SVU Role-Playing"

1.Character you want to play:
2. Who you want to portray your character:
3. Sample Journal Entry:
4. Your name and age:
5. Your contact information and LJ username:


1. Keep things as in-character as possible. No outrageous storylines, special powers, or anything like that.

2. Major plotlines need to be submitted to the mods first and approval must be given before they can appear in the game. (Ex: slash, etc.)

3. Character journals must be updated on a regular basis. Each character can have up to two personal warnings if they are not updating journals. After the second warning, if there are still no regular updates, then you will be removed from the game. We don't want a lot of idle journals.

4. You must make a post in "sweetvalley_u" at least once a week. After a week, a warning will be given. If another week goes by and you do not update, then you will be removed from the game.

5. Keep track of what's going on in world_of_svu and svu_ooc; our action journal and OOC journal so you know what's going on among characters and other updates.

5. We are now accepting applications to play up to two characters each. If you're already in the game and you want to take on a second character, just fill out an application and email it. If it's your first time applying, please apply for only one character at first. After you've been in the game for a little while, you can apply for a second character.

Have fun!

If you need character icons, please post in the "scu_ooc" journal. We have plenty of talented icon makers who will be happy to help you out!